Fedora – Installing a Working ZoneMinder..

Installed ZoneMinder ( https://zoneminder.com ) for some IP and WiFi cameras, and the first thing to remember is to not use the Fedora version!    This is due to the lack of ffmpeg and vlc support in that version, which makes the software somewhat less than useful..

Fortunately, there is good Fedora support, with a fully-functional version – and instructions – at https://zmrepo.zoneminder.com   The instructions are good, but there are a couple of extra things to bear in mind..

The instructions seem to ‘recommend’ using mysql-community for some reason, but I am already using mariadb for several other projects, and it seems to work just fine with the latest version of ZoneMinder..

The Fedora repos need to be prevented from installing their functionally-challenged version of ZoneMinder,  and there are instructions on how to do this, but the changes ( adding the line exclude=zoneminder* ) need to be applied to fedora-updates.repo and fedora-updates-testing.repo, as well as to fedora.repo..

In my setup, I used ‘Workaround #2″ from the instructions..

So many Linux installation instructions these days seem to be Ubuntu/Debian-centric, and it is refreshing to see one that embraces the freedom of choice that using Linux is supposed to represent…

Robert Gadsdon.   December 24, 2015.



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