Linux ARM and SD Card Performance – Let the Fun Begin!

Despite previous ‘tweaks’, I have been experiencing continuing problems with SD Card Linux performance, and with the unreliable operations of yum / rpm, with associated db corruption, when they have to be ‘killed’ after hanging.. Based on two excellent pieces … Continue reading

Pi Performance?

I had intended to persevere with the Fedora 14 ‘respin’, despite it being (correctly, IMHO..) described as ‘a bit buggy’..     Performance was improved with the newer 3.1.9+ kernel image, without the debug messages, but overall the response was still very … Continue reading

Pi Update..

Found the latest kernel image (still 3.1.9-based..) and associated pre-compiled modules at the git repository – – and the ‘new’ version of kernel.img does away with the annoying console debug messages.. Device still seems very slow, but maybe I’m … Continue reading

Another Essential Kernel Config..

Another kernel configuration option that used to be just that – optional – but is now essential for ‘newer’ Fedora systems.. If you see Error unpacking rpm package glibc-common-n.n-nn.xxxx error: unpacking of archive failed on file /usr/libexec/pt_chown: cpio: cap_set_file On … Continue reading