Opinion: Red Hat with CentOS – Good Tactical Move?

A recent announcement that Red Hat and CentOS have ”Joined Forces” is interesting, and should lead to an improved development/release cycle for both.. Red Hat: http://www.redhat.com/about/news/press-archive/2014/1/red-hat-and-centos-join-forces CentOS: http://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-announce/2014-January/020100.html Potentially, this would certainly result in CentOS versions being released earlier, after … Continue reading

NVIDIA: The Future is (Almost) Here..

There has been some speculation about the ‘Unified Memory’ module found in the latest drivers, but details are somewhat sparse.. From the product Release Highlights: ……….. ”Added nvidia-uvm.ko, the NVIDIA Unified Memory kernel module, to the NVIDIA Linux driver package. … Continue reading

Pi to 3.11.7.. Pidora Stalled?

Just updated the raspberry Pi to kernel 3.11.7.. Fedora release 18 (Spherical Cow) Kernel 3.11.7-pi+ on an armv6l (ttyAMA0) ……….. # uname -a Linux rgpi 3.11.7-pi+ #1 PREEMPT Fri Nov 8 12:19:17 GMT 2013 armv6l armv6l armv6l GNU/Linux The Pidora … Continue reading

Kernel 3.12 Released – VMware OK, NVIDIA Still Needs Patch..

Kernel 3.12 is out, and the same comments apply as for the later -rc versions.. VMware 10.0.1 compiles and runs OK, and NVIDIA 331.17 – with the patch mentioned in previous articles – works. Details of changes are here:  http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.linux.kernel/1589267 … Continue reading

NVIDIA – What is Going On?

Opinion: I don’t usually write pure ‘op/ed’ pieces, but this situation – I think – warrants further comment… I am becoming concerned at the apparent inability of NVIDIA to adequately support Linux..    In the past, the company was able to … Continue reading

Pi Performance?

I had intended to persevere with the Fedora 14 ‘respin’, despite it being (correctly, IMHO..) described as ‘a bit buggy’..     Performance was improved with the newer 3.1.9+ kernel image, without the debug messages, but overall the response was still very … Continue reading