ARM64 – Pi3 Success – Almost..

After more ‘investigation’, I managed to find a working U-Boot for a 64-bit boot of the Raspberry Pi 3, by copying it from the boot directory of this: found towards the end of the latest 64-bit thread on the … Continue reading

ARM64 – Pi3 64-Bit Tribulations.. Too Soon for Stability..

I had ordered a Raspberry Pi 3 back in March in the hope that it would be a useful exercise in 64-bit on a different chipset..    I was (somewhat) disappointed to find that there was no initial 64-bit support, and … Continue reading

VMware Workstation 9.0 – Initial Tests.. and a Fix for Kernel 3.5.2..

Just completed some basic tests with the new VMware Workstation 9.0 on my ‘test’ system (x86_64, Fedora 17)… Initial results.. Compiles and runs OK on kernel 3.4.9. Compiles OK, but causes general protection fault (with tombstone..) on kernel 3.5.2.   (scroll … Continue reading

APC – The Saga Continues….

On the hunch that there may be something within the U-Boot parameters that causes the boot-to-ram problem, I removed almost all the ‘‘ parameters.   The only one remaining was wmt.usb.param=11:3, which enables the USB subsystem – as I was booting … Continue reading

Pi Performance?

I had intended to persevere with the Fedora 14 ‘respin’, despite it being (correctly, IMHO..) described as ‘a bit buggy’..     Performance was improved with the newer 3.1.9+ kernel image, without the debug messages, but overall the response was still very … Continue reading