ARM – DreamPlug Power Fault – and ‘Fix’..

I finally got my old DreamPlug working again, but found that the power would fail intermittently..    After checking for software faults, I tracked the problem down to the power supply cable ‘clip-on’ connector..   The problem was caused by the … Continue reading

3.13 Final – And a VMware Patch You May Not Need..

Installed 3.13 Final on my test system, and then on my main system, and encountered an odd problem with VMware (10.0.1).. On my test system, VMware had been compiling and installing/running OK on all the 3.13-rc versions, and 3.13 Final, … Continue reading

APC – More Forensics..

Still trying to find a way round the ‘always boot to rom’ conundrum, and the results of my latest test are not looking too positive.. Instead of running the various parameters in the U-Boot environment, I entered the basic commands … Continue reading

APC – The Saga Continues….

On the hunch that there may be something within the U-Boot parameters that causes the boot-to-ram problem, I removed almost all the ‘‘ parameters.   The only one remaining was wmt.usb.param=11:3, which enables the USB subsystem – as I was booting … Continue reading