IA64 – An Exercise in Nostalgia..

Ever since I spent some considerable time promoting HP’s IA64 Linux systems, way back in the early-2000’s, I have always wanted one for myself, and I recently managed to acquire an RX2600 1U server for a very reasonable price, and … Continue reading

ARM – Next CHIP ARMv7 – First Impressions..

After pre-ordering one many months ago, I finally got my Next CHIP ARMv7 system in the post.. It certainly is fairly small, but seems well-constructed..     Details are at http://docs.getchip.com/chip.html#chip-hardware After connecting the UART/USB cable, as normal, the system booted into … Continue reading

ARM64 – Hikey Success, with Linux-Next..

After some time, I decided to test the latest ‘Linux-Next’ with the 96Boards HiSilicon Hikey, and – this time – it booted successfully (headless), with networking.. Fedora 24 (Twenty Four) Kernel 4.7.0-rc5-next-20160628 on an aarch64 (ttyAMA0) ………………….. # uname -a … Continue reading

ARM – Radxa Rock2 – Powerful, but Confused..

Recently took delivery of a Radxa Rock2 ARMv7 system, based on the RX3288 Cortex A17 chipset.. The system comes with a version of Android installed on the onboard eMMC, but I managed – after a bit of work – to … Continue reading

ARM – Fedora 22 on ARM64..

After quite a lot of messing about, I got Fedora 22 running on the ARM64 DragonBoard 410c: Fedora release 22 (Twenty Two) Kernel 4.0.0-linaro-lt-qcom on an aarch64 (ttyMSM0) ………… $ uname -a Linux rg410c rg410c.almaden 4.0.0-linaro-lt-qcom #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri … Continue reading

ARM – DreamPlug and CuBox to 4.1-rc3..

Updated the DreamPlug and CuBox-i4 Pro to Kernel 4.1-rc3, from kernel.org.. Fedora release 18 (Spherical Cow) Kernel 4.1.0-rc3 on an armv5tel (ttyS0) …………… # uname -a Linux rgdreamplug 4.1.0-rc3 #2 Mon May 11 15:04:52 PDT 2015 armv5tel armv5tel armv5tel GNU/Linux … Continue reading

ARM – Odroid U3 test with Kernel.org 4.0-rc3 – Panic..

As there is no later version of the Odroid-specific 4.0 kernel source available yet, I decided to test with the standard 4.0-rc3 from kernel.org, but the U3 booted – and then Panic‘d.. ……………………….. EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p3): mounted filesystem with ordered data … Continue reading

ARM – Odroid U3 and Kernel 3.18-rc7 – Still Unstable..

I have managed to get Kernel 3.18-rc7 to boot on my Odroid U3, but it is still very unstable.. Fedora release 21 (Twenty One) Kernel 3.18.0-rc7 on an armv7l (ttySAC1) rgodroid login: $ uname -a Linux rgodroid 3.18.0-rc7 #3 SMP … Continue reading

ARM – Odroid U2 – 3.17 Boot, but no USB..

Tried the latest kernel.org 3.17 kernel with my Odroid U2, and managed to get it to boot successfully, but USB still doesn’t work, which is a show-stopper, as the Ethernet adapter is a USB-connected device.. Start with # make exynos_defconfig, … Continue reading