ARM – Next CHIP – Waiting for Hynix NAND Support..

Tested some of the kernel versions possible (or not..) for the Next CHIP ARMv7, with mixed results..     I added an Ethernet/USB device (ax88179-based) on the USB hub, and the network connection works fine.. Linux-Next does not yet have the drivers … Continue reading

ARM – Next CHIP ARMv7 – First Impressions..

After pre-ordering one many months ago, I finally got my Next CHIP ARMv7 system in the post.. It certainly is fairly small, but seems well-constructed..     Details are at After connecting the UART/USB cable, as normal, the system booted into … Continue reading

ARM – Rock2 to Kernel 4.6-rc2 – Ethernet OK, Now..

Updated the Rock2 to Kernel 4.6-rc2, and the Ethernet problem has been fixed.. Fedora 23 (Twenty Three) Kernel 4.6.0-rc2 on an armv7l (ttyS2) …………. ]# uname -a Linux rgrock2 4.6.0-rc2 #1 SMP Sun Apr 3 21:05:44 EDT 2016 armv7l armv7l … Continue reading

ARM – Rock2 to 4.6-rc1 – and Ethernet Fix Fails..

Updated the Rock2 to Kernel 4.6-rc1: ……… Fedora 23 (Twenty Three) Kernel 4.6.0-rc1 on an armv7l (ttyS2) ……………….. # uname -a Linux rgrock2 4.6.0-rc1 #1 SMP Sun Mar 27 03:47:06 EDT 2016 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux The stmmac Ethernet driver … Continue reading

ARM – Rock2 – Kernel 4.5-rc7 Boot Success

After a lot of testing, and some more confusion, I have managed to get the Rock2 to boot using the latest (2016.03-rc3) version of U-Boot, and the latest kernel (4.5-rc7) As previously, there was a lot of conflicting information……. I … Continue reading

ARM – Radxa Rock2 – Powerful, but Confused..

Recently took delivery of a Radxa Rock2 ARMv7 system, based on the RX3288 Cortex A17 chipset.. The system comes with a version of Android installed on the onboard eMMC, but I managed – after a bit of work – to … Continue reading

ARM – Kernel 4.4-rc4 on the BananaPro..

Just got a ‘BananaPro‘ ARMv7 board, and updated it to Kernel 4.4-rc4 (from and Fedora 23. More details are here: I compiled U-Boot from the latest (2015.10) released version, from : # cd u-boot # make Bananapro_defconfig … Continue reading

ARM – Kernel 4.4-rc3 – OK with Odroid U3 (and Fan..)

Tested Kernel 4.4-rc3 with the Odroid U3, and – finally – the fan works correctly..    Kernels from 4.2 onward booted successfully, but the fan ran continuously…    And now I can add the U3 to the (small!) list of my ARM … Continue reading

ARM – Pi2 to 4.0 – Eventually..

Finally managed to get the Raspberry Pi2 (armv7) to boot Kernel 4.0, by re-creating the kernel config from scratch, with # make bcm2709_defconfig Fedora release 21 (Twenty One) Kernel 4.0.0-v7 on an armv7l (ttyAMA0) ………… ]# uname -a Linux rgpi2 … Continue reading

ARM – Updates to Kernel 4.0-rc6..

Updated the DreamPlug and CuBox-i4Pro to Kernel 4.0-rc6 from Fedora release 18 (Spherical Cow) Kernel 4.0.0-rc6 on an armv5tel (ttyS0) ……… # uname -a Linux rgdreamplug 4.0.0-rc6 #1 Sun Mar 29 22:11:02 PDT 2015 armv5tel armv5tel armv5tel GNU/Linux … Continue reading