ARM – Pi2 to 4.0 – Eventually..

Finally managed to get the Raspberry Pi2 (armv7) to boot Kernel 4.0, by re-creating the kernel config from scratch, with # make bcm2709_defconfig Fedora release 21 (Twenty One) Kernel 4.0.0-v7 on an armv7l (ttyAMA0) ………… ]# uname -a Linux rgpi2 … Continue reading

ARM – Pi to 4.0.. Patience is a Virtue..?

Tried updating the Raspberry Pi-s (Classic model B and Pi2) to Kernel 4.0, from, and my first attempt was – it seems – too soon, as the Classic Pi (armv6) failed to boot at all, and the Pi2 (armv7) … Continue reading

ARM – Update to 4.0 for DreamPlug, CuBox, and Odroid..

Updated the DreamPlug and CuBox-i4Pro to kernel 4.0 from Fedora release 18 (Spherical Cow) Kernel 4.0.0 on an armv5tel (ttyS0) ……… # uname -a Linux rgdreamplug 4.0.0 #1 Sun Apr 12 22:53:28 PDT 2015 armv5tel armv5tel armv5tel GNU/Linux Fedora … Continue reading

Kernel 4.0 ‘Final’ – OK with latest NVIDIA, and Patched VMware..

Updated to Kernel 4.0 (from, and the latest NVIDIA driver (346.59) and ‘patched’ VMware 11.1 both compile and install/run OK.. $ uname -a Linux rglinux-i7 4.0.0 #1 SMP Sun Apr 12 17:26:04 PDT 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux Brief … Continue reading