ARM64 – Pine64 – Not Exactly ‘Compact’..

I recently obtained one of the newly-released (- to the ‘public’..) Pine64 ARM64 systems…    My first reaction, was that it is a bit on the large side..  The board is over twice the size of the Odroid C2.. As usual, … Continue reading

ARM64 – Odroid C2 U-Boot – More Progress..

Thanks to an additional U-Boot patch from Carlo Caione, it is now possible to (partially) boot the mainline Kernel from U-Boot on an eMMC module, as well as from SDcard..    Patch details here: => mmc info Device: <NULL> Manufacturer … Continue reading

ARM64 – Odroid C2 – U-Boot MMC Support..

After the initial patches to provide basic U-Boot support for the C2, as mentioned in a previous article – there is now a further patch, to enable MMC support.    Details at I have applied this additional patch, and for … Continue reading

ARM64 – Odroid C2 U-Boot – Latest..

I discovered there was a later version (6) of the U-boot patch for the Odroid C2, and also – after more research – found the reason for the compile error… It turns out that the GIT version (May 5, 2016) … Continue reading

ARM64 – Pi3 64-Bit Tribulations.. Too Soon for Stability..

I had ordered a Raspberry Pi 3 back in March in the hope that it would be a useful exercise in 64-bit on a different chipset..    I was (somewhat) disappointed to find that there was no initial 64-bit support, and … Continue reading

ARM – Kernel 4.4-rc4 on the BananaPro..

Just got a ‘BananaPro‘ ARMv7 board, and updated it to Kernel 4.4-rc4 (from and Fedora 23. More details are here: I compiled U-Boot from the latest (2015.10) released version, from : # cd u-boot # make Bananapro_defconfig … Continue reading

ARM64 – Dragonboard 410c – Now with U-Boot..

One of the shortcomings of the DragonBoard 410c was that it relied on the Android-phone-centric fastboot for any Kernel updates, but now there is a version of U-Boot available, thanks to Mateusz Kulikowski.. This is very much a work-in-progress, but … Continue reading

ARM – Pi2 to U-Boot..

I decided to try U-Boot on the Raspberry Pi 2, and the process has been fairly well documented in several places.. I used the latest U-Boot, with ‘patch’ info from here, as I needed Device Tree support: Actual ‘installation’ … Continue reading

ARM – DreamPlug to Kernel 4.0-rc1..

Now that the DreamPlug has a stable power supply (see previous post..) I decided to live dangerously and update the u-boot version and install a modern ‘device tree’ plus kernel.. It has been mentioned many times before that the u-boot … Continue reading