ARM64 – Pine64 – Not Exactly ‘Compact’..

I recently obtained one of the newly-released (- to the ‘public’..) Pine64 ARM64 systems…    My first reaction, was that it is a bit on the large side..  The board is over twice the size of the Odroid C2.. As usual, … Continue reading

Pi to 3.8.0 – Nasty hacks..

I have – after some messy hacking – managed to get the Raspberry Pi updated to kernel 3.8.0.. The starting point was the 3.7.1 Pi code, at    The patch for 3.8.0 assumes the code base is 3.7.0, so … Continue reading

Linux ARM and SD Card Performance – Let the Fun Begin!

Despite previous ‘tweaks’, I have been experiencing continuing problems with SD Card Linux performance, and with the unreliable operations of yum / rpm, with associated db corruption, when they have to be ‘killed’ after hanging.. Based on two excellent pieces … Continue reading