Intel – Fix for Atom MMC/GPT warning..

I had been getting a warning on boot with recent kernels on my Intel Atom-based UP system, and found a workaround..    The error flagged is – apparently – harmless, and is due to systemd not being able to recognise some … Continue reading

ARM – DreamPlug to Kernel 4.0-rc1..

Now that the DreamPlug has a stable power supply (see previous post..) I decided to live dangerously and update the u-boot version and install a modern ‘device tree’ plus kernel.. It has been mentioned many times before that the u-boot … Continue reading

Pi to 3.8.0 – Nasty hacks..

I have – after some messy hacking – managed to get the Raspberry Pi updated to kernel 3.8.0.. The starting point was the 3.7.1 Pi code, at    The patch for 3.8.0 assumes the code base is 3.7.0, so … Continue reading