Intel – Fix for Atom MMC/GPT warning..

I had been getting a warning on boot with recent kernels on my Intel Atom-based UP system, and found a workaround..    The error flagged is – apparently – harmless, and is due to systemd not being able to recognise some mmc disk partitions at that stage of the boot process..

[ 5.124250] systemd-gpt-auto-generator[416]: Failed to dissect: Input/output error

More background details here: – and thanks to kwizart for the suggested fix/workaround..

The workaround is to add systemd.gpt_auto=0 to the kernel command line, and I can confirm that this removes the warning with Kernel 4.13.2 (Fedora 27)

Robert Gadsdon    September 15, 2017


Intel – Fix for Atom MMC/GPT warning.. — 2 Comments

    • This can be added if you are using grub-customizer on Fedora, or similar, under ‘General settings’ in the box for ‘kernel parameters’

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