Kernel 3.19-rc6 – Good News for NVIDIA..

Updated to Kernel 3.19-rc6 on the test system, and – at last – the problem with NVIDIA driver GPL inconsistency has been fixed, and now driver 346.35 compiles and loads OK.. Details of changes since -rc5 are here: And … Continue reading

VMware – Backward-Compatible 3.19 Fix..

After the solution to the Kernel 3.19/vmnet problem mentioned in previous posts, I have produced a fix that includes tests for kernel versions, and works with Kernel 3.19 and with earlier kernel versions.. This is probably not the most elegant … Continue reading

VMware 11 – Fix for vmnet and Kernel 3.19..

Thanks to Al Viro, and to coderus on the VMware forum, we now have a solution for vmnet and Kernel 3.19, as follows: In vmnet-only/driver.c (lines 269, 1194, and 1195): Replace instances of f_dentry with f_path.dentry In vmnet-only/userif.c (line 526): … Continue reading

ARM – Odroid U3 to 3.19-rc5

Updated the Odroid U3 to the patched version of 3.19-rc5, from here: Fedora release 21 (Twenty One) Kernel 3.19.0-rc5 on an armv7l (ttySAC1) ……………….. [root@rgodroid ~]# uname -a Linux rgodroid 3.19.0-rc5 #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Jan 21 17:11:42 EST … Continue reading

NVIDIA – New Driver 346.35, Still Fails with 3.19-rc..

Tested the lates NVIDIA driver (346.35) today, and although it fixes the f_dentry error, the compile still fails with Kernel 3.19-rc4, due to the incompatible GPL problem: FATAL: modpost: GPL-incompatible module nvidia.ko uses GPL-only symbol ‘__cachemode2pte_tbl’ /usr/src/linux-3.19-rc4/scripts/Makefile.modpost:90: recipe for target … Continue reading

Kernel 3.19-rc4 – OK on CuBox-i4 Pro.. No fixes yet for NVIDIA and VMware on x86..

Updated the test system to Kernel 3.19-rc4, and the same comments apply as for -rc3..  Still no fixes for NVIDIA and VMware, yet.. I tried the CuBox-i4 Pro with a ‘standard’ kernel from, rather than the ‘patched’ version used … Continue reading

Kernel 3.19-rc3, ‘Lockup’ Bug, Latest..

Updated the test system to Kernel 3.19-rc3, and there is still no fix for VMware (11.0) and the latest NVIDIA (340.65 and 346.22) drivers…     The NVIDIA problem will involve getting around a GPL-incompatible module issue.. FATAL: modpost: GPL-incompatible module nvidia.ko … Continue reading

ARM/Intel – CuBox-i4 Pro to 3.19-rc2, VMware and NVIDIA Still Broken..

Updated the test (Intel) system, and the Cubox-i4 Pro to Kernel 3.19-rc2.. NVIDIA and VMware still do not compile (see 3.19-rc1 article for details and – so far – there does not seem to be a patch for either.   … Continue reading