ARM – Kernel 3.19 for Odroid U3 – With Fan Control..

Updated the Odroid U3 to (patched) Kernel 3.19, from Thanks to work by tobiasjakobi, this now includes the preliminary patches – updated for 3.19 – for fan control on the Odroid U3, originally posted by Lukasz Majewski at … Continue reading

3.19 Final – NVIDIA and (Patched) VMware OK..

Updated the test system to Kernel 3.19 ‘final’, and – as expected – the latest NVIDIA (346.35) and VMware 11.0 (with the vmnet patch..) compile and boot/load OK.. Quite a lot of changes from -rc7, and some reverted..  More details … Continue reading

VMware 11 – Fix for vmnet and Kernel 3.19..

Thanks to Al Viro, and to coderus on the VMware forum, we now have a solution for vmnet and Kernel 3.19, as follows: In vmnet-only/driver.c (lines 269, 1194, and 1195): Replace instances of f_dentry with f_path.dentry In vmnet-only/userif.c (line 526): … Continue reading