Kernel – 4.13 Final Released – Still OK with latest NVIDIA, and Patched VMware..

Kernel 4.13 has been released, and is OK with the latest NVIDIA drivers (tested with 384.69) and VMware 12.5.7 (with the vmnet patch – see ) Brief details of changes since -rc7 are here: The VMware workarounds for … Continue reading

Kernel – 4.13-rc6 Released – Still OK..

Kernel 4.13-rc6 is out, and brief details of changes are here: As the message mentions, if all goes well, then 4.13 Final should be out in about two weeks time from now.. The release is still OK with the … Continue reading

Kernel – 4.13-rc2 out – Still OK with Latest VMware (patched) and NVIDIA..

Kernel 4.13-rc2 has been released, and brief details of changes from -rc1 are here: It used to be that if things were OK with the initial -rc version of the kernel, then all subsequent -rc versions were also OK, … Continue reading

Kernel – 4.6 Final – OK with Patched VMware and NVIDIA..

Installed Kernel 4.6 Final on the test system, and the patched versions of VMware 12.1.0 (vmnet and vmmon patched) and NVIDIA driver 364.19 all compile OK..     Details of changes since -rc7 are here: , and VMware / NVIDIA patch … Continue reading

Kernel – Welcome to Linux 4.0? VMware (Patched) OK, NVIDIA Fix Available..

Just tested Kernel 4.0-rc1 – announced here: As you will see – not much actual detail on what has changed, and I have already run into a couple of ‘issues’… The Radeon drm driver on my laptop refuses to … Continue reading

VMware – 11.1 Released – Still Broken with Kernel 3.19..

Just updated the test system to VMware Workstation 11.1, and – unfortunately – this is still incompatible with Kernel 3.19.. The only good news is..  The vmnet patch for 11.0 still applies, and fixes the problem.. The release notes … Continue reading

3.19 Final – NVIDIA and (Patched) VMware OK..

Updated the test system to Kernel 3.19 ‘final’, and – as expected – the latest NVIDIA (346.35) and VMware 11.0 (with the vmnet patch..) compile and boot/load OK.. Quite a lot of changes from -rc7, and some reverted..  More details … Continue reading

Kernel 3.19-rc7 – ‘Final’ Soon?

Installed Kernel 3.19-rc7 on the test system, and the same comments apply as for -rc6.    The latest NVIDIA driver (346.35) and VMware 11.0 – with the vmnet patches – install and load/run OK.. Changelog summary here: $ uname -a … Continue reading

Kernel 3.18-rc7 – Still No Lockup Fix..

Just installed Kernel 3.17-rc7, and the usual ‘latest’ drivers – NVIDIA 340.58 and 346.16, and VMware 10.0.4 with the vmnet patch – compile and load OK.. $ uname -a Linux rg6830l 3.18.0-rc7 #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Dec 1 13:52:29 PST … Continue reading

Kernel 3.18-rc6 – Still Needs Work..

Just installed Kernel 3.18-rc6, and the latest NVIDIA drivers – 340.58 and 346.16 – compile and load OK… Although VMware have just released version 10.0.4, this still needs the ‘vmnet patch’ to compile OK, with kernels 3.17 and 3.18.. # … Continue reading