ARM – CuBox i4-Pro to Kernel 3.19-rc7..

Just updated the CuBox i4-Pro to Kernel 3.19-rc7 – using the standard code from with device-tree boot using zImage and imx6q-cubox-i.dtb Only tested ‘headless’ access, so far.. Fedora release 21 (Twenty One) Kernel 3.19.0-rc7 on an armv7l (ttymxc0) …………………….. … Continue reading

ARM – Odroid U3 to 3.19-rc7 – Fan ‘Fixed’?

Updated the Odroid U3 to Kernel 3.19-rc7, from Had to ‘refresh’ the config, by # make exynos4412_odroid_defconfig, and then (re)enable selinux etc… One feature is that the CPU fan no longer runs constantly, but I need to do more … Continue reading

Kernel 3.19-rc7 – ‘Final’ Soon?

Installed Kernel 3.19-rc7 on the test system, and the same comments apply as for -rc6.    The latest NVIDIA driver (346.35) and VMware 11.0 – with the vmnet patches – install and load/run OK.. Changelog summary here: $ uname -a … Continue reading