Pi in the Boot..

The Raspberry Pi boot sequence is somewhat unique, due – amongst other things – to the binary code blobs necessary to drive the Broadcom CPU/GPU at boot time. The FAT32 boot partition looks like this: The three binary files arm<nnn>_start.elf … Continue reading

Pi Preparation.. An appropriate kernel cross-compiler toolchain

The Fedora armv5tel / x86_64 cross-compiler toolchain is a bit ancient (GCC 4.1.2!), and the Pi is armv6..  So.. I needed a more up-to-date and architecture-friendly substitute.. After some abortive attempts (some of the other armv7 cross-compilers were just as … Continue reading

Upgrading a Dreamplug…

Just spent some time upgrading my ARM Dreamplug to Fedora 17 (pre-release) and kernel 3.2.9..       Kernels are compiled on my Fedora x86_64 desktop, using the armv5tel-redhat-linux-gnueabi RPM set..     I’ve installed the XFCE desktop (rebuilding some missing RPMs from source..), and … Continue reading