ARM – Kernel 4.0-rc1 – Fix for CuBox-i4 Pro Networking..

The CuBox-i4 Pro booted Kernel 4.0-rc1 OK, but – although eth0 was present – there was no network connection possible.. I found a similar problem described on the Linux Arm Kernel mailing list: According to the info there, I … Continue reading

ARM – Kernel 4.0-rc1 – Not Much Joy….Yet..

Tried Kernel 4.0-rc1 on the CuBox-i4 Pro (from and the Odroid U3 (from, and the results are a bit of a mixed bag.. The CuBox boots OK, but – although eth0 appears to be present – networking doesn’t … Continue reading

NVIDIA – Driver Fix, for Kernel 4.0. and Earlier..

I have hacked together a kernel-version-friendly fix for the latest NVIDIA driver (346.35) which works with Kernel 4.0-rc1 (and later) and also for previous kernel versions..   Thanks are due to juston_li for producing the actual code changes needed.. Unpack … Continue reading

Kernel – Welcome to Linux 4.0? VMware (Patched) OK, NVIDIA Fix Available..

Just tested Kernel 4.0-rc1 – announced here: As you will see – not much actual detail on what has changed, and I have already run into a couple of ‘issues’… The Radeon drm driver on my laptop refuses to … Continue reading

ARM – Raspberry Pi ‘Classic’ – Device Tree Kernel Compile..

After my tests compiling the new armv7 Pi 2 Kernel – with ‘device tree’ – I decided to try the same with the ‘classic’ armv6 Pi (B+).. You will need the latest version of the Pi /boot files, including the … Continue reading

ARM – Raspberry Pi 2 – Kernel Compile..

Finally got the Raspberry Pi 2, and installed Fedora 21 (armv7hl) with no problems..    Temporarily used object code 3.18.7-v7+ from the repository, and then tested kernel compile options.. The system seems (so far..) to be relatively sluggish compared to my … Continue reading

VMware – 11.1 Released – Still Broken with Kernel 3.19..

Just updated the test system to VMware Workstation 11.1, and – unfortunately – this is still incompatible with Kernel 3.19.. The only good news is..  The vmnet patch for 11.0 still applies, and fixes the problem.. The release notes … Continue reading

ARM – Odroid U3 Fan Control – Success..

Updated the Odroid U3 to the latest version of odroid-3.19.y (# git clone -b odroid-3.19.y –single-branch ). After checking that all the pwm-fan and temperature options were selected in the kernel config, I set ‘Default Thermal governor‘ to ‘step-wise‘. … Continue reading

RPM – Fixing ‘Ancient’ Source Rebuilds..

I had occasion to install an ancient GTK+ app, recently, and had to use # rpmbuild –rebuild xxxxx.src.rpm to (re)create some old RPMs from source.. I got the following error: /home/rgadsdon/rpmbuild/BUILD/php_gtk-1.0.2/main/php_gtk_object.c: In function ‘php_gtk_args_from_hash’: /home/rgadsdon/rpmbuild/BUILD/php_gtk-1.0.2/main/php_gtk_object.c:410:4: error: format not a string … Continue reading