VMware – Workstation 12 Pro Released – No Patch Needed..

Just upgraded to VMware Workstation Pro 12.0.0 on the test system, and it compiles and loads/runs OK – with no patches needed – on Kernel 4.2-rc8.. More details are here: http://pubs.vmware.com/Release_Notes/en/workstation/12pro/workstation-12-release-notes.html Robert Gadsdon.   August 25, 2015. … Continue reading

ARM64 – DragonBoard 410c to Kernel 4.2-rc5..

Just updated the Qualcomm DragonBoard 410c to (patched..) Kernel 4.2-rc5, from here:  https://git.linaro.org/landing-teams/working/qualcomm/kernel.git/shortlog/refs/heads/integration-linux-qcomlt This time, the boot was successful, and the mmc1 SDcard (rootfs) was recognised correctly.. Fedora release 23 (Twenty Three) Kernel 4.2.0-rc5 on an aarch64 (ttyMSM0) ……… ]# … Continue reading

Kernel – 4.2-rc8 – One More Last -rc After All…

Kernel 4.2-rc8 has been released, but does not include the ‘GPL-only’ patch for NVIDIA:  http://lkml.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/1508.3/00008.html FATAL: modpost: GPL-incompatible module nvidia.ko uses GPL-only symbol ‘flush_workqueue’ A patch was proposed (for -rc5..) but has still not been incorporated:  http://lkml.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/1508.2/02297.html Details of the … Continue reading

ARM – Odroid to 4.2-rc7..

Just updated the Odroid U3 to Kernel 4.2-rc7, from here:  https://github.com/tobiasjakobi/linux-odroid/tree/odroid-4.2.y Fedora release 23 (Twenty Three) Kernel 4.2.0-rc7 on an armv7l (ttySAC1) ……………… ]# uname -a Linux rgodroid 4.2.0-rc7 #1 SMP Fri Aug 21 11:30:26 PDT 2015 armv7l armv7l armv7l … Continue reading

Kernel – 4.2-rc7 – NVIDIA/GPL Issue – Patch Proposed, Not Included Yet..

A simple patch for the GPL-only issue with NVIDIA drivers was submitted on August 4, 2015, but has still not been included with 4.2-rc7..     http://lkml.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/1508.0/02260.html The patch has been put forward for 4.3, but there has been a request for … Continue reading

Kernel – 4.2-rc6 Still Breaks NVIDIA…

Updated the test system to Kernel 4.2-rc6, and the NVIDIA ‘GPL-Only’ problem still persists:  Building modules, stage 2.  MODPOST 2 modules FATAL: modpost: GPL-incompatible module nvidia.ko uses GPL-only symbol ‘flush_workqueue’ /usr/src/linux-4.2-rc6/scripts/Makefile.modpost:90: recipe for target ‘__modpost’ failed make[3]: *** [__modpost] Error … Continue reading

VMware – Fix for Kernel 4.2..?

Thanks to craigacgomez on the VMware Forum, there is a hack to fix VMware (vmnet) with Kernel 4.2..  https://communities.vmware.com/thread/516196 I made some more changes, to make it backward-compatible, and it seems to work OK with Kernels 4.1.3 and 4.2-rc4.. I … Continue reading