More Pi Hub Failures…

Now I have tried with (according to the wiki..) known/good power supply (Nokia) and – allegedly good – hub (Logik) and am getting the same errors, and disconnect of the USB Ethernet connection.. usb 1-1.2: new high speed USB device … Continue reading

3.4 Released..

Kernel 3.4.0 just released…   Not on yet, so downloaded from github ( The latest version of the NVIDIA linux drivers (295.53) already supports kernel 3.4x, and the latest ‘weltall‘ patch for VMware (8.0.3) also supports this kernel version, so … Continue reading

Pi Power and Hub – It’s All About the Power Supply??.

After many fruitless attempts to cobble together a working USB hub setup for the Raspberry Pi, I came to the conclusion – after trying all the USB/mains power adapters I had (from various phones and other accessories), that the power … Continue reading

The Pi / Hub / Power Saga – Running with Scissors..

Another option I just tried turned nasty very quickly…    I wondered what would happen if all external USB devices were connected via the (powered) hub, but the answer was soon apparent: usb 1- reset low speed USB device number 6 … Continue reading

Pi – Near-Death Experience…

My Raspberry Pi had been behaving itself on the ‘hardware’ side since I took possession of it, weeks ago.    After reading about limitations of USB connectivity, I obtained a reasonably-priced powered USB hub, with the intention (not surprisingly!) of connecting … Continue reading