ARM64 – Odroid C2 – Patches for USB..

Thanks to Heiner Kallweit for info on two USB patches for the Odroid C2, and thanks to John Youn for the patches themselves..  They can be found at and . I have applied these to Kernel 4.10-rc4 (including … Continue reading

UDEV – Getting an Old Scanner to Behave..

I recently acquired a vintage (2006?) Minolta Elite 5400 II scanner, and – according to the VueScan support info, I needed to ”set up libusb device protections”..   That info included a link to a somewhat ancient SANE USB support page … Continue reading

NVIDIA – A Kernel 3.13 Patch that Works..

There have been several ‘Kernel 3.13’ patches on various sites for the latest NVIDIA drivers, and I have finally found one that – on my system – actually works, without causing uvcvideo / usb problems (see previous articles..) Thanks to … Continue reading

Back to 3.12.8..

After some problems with uvcvideo / usb under 3.13 producing non-working camera and audio, and producing a ‘tombstone’, I have reverted to 3.12.8 for the time being..    More research is needed, and I have set up a 3.13 ‘guest’ under … Continue reading

Pi Kernel Update – 3.2.29, and an Improvement in USB?

I have just updated the Raspberry Pi to kernel 3.2.29, from the latest Pi kernel 3.2.27 at, plus the two incremental patches from The system is OK, and USB seems to be more stable than before, even after … Continue reading

Pi USB Saga – An Embarrassing Fail.. – and a Warning!

I had got tired of trying all the so-called ‘recommendations’ for fixing USB hub connectivity on the Raspberry Pi – including some from people who did not actually own one..   And yes, I do have the correct voltage power supply … Continue reading

Pi Power and Hub – It’s All About the Power Supply??.

After many fruitless attempts to cobble together a working USB hub setup for the Raspberry Pi, I came to the conclusion – after trying all the USB/mains power adapters I had (from various phones and other accessories), that the power … Continue reading