Fedora – Installing a Working ZoneMinder..

Installed ZoneMinder ( https://zoneminder.com ) for some IP and WiFi cameras, and the first thing to remember is to not use the Fedora version!    This is due to the lack of ffmpeg and vlc support in that version, which makes … Continue reading

Back to 3.12.8..

After some problems with uvcvideo / usb under 3.13 producing non-working camera and audio, and producing a ‘tombstone’, I have reverted to 3.12.8 for the time being..    More research is needed, and I have set up a 3.13 ‘guest’ under … Continue reading

APC – Video Playback?

After noting the success of the XBMC team in getting high-quality video playback on the Raspberry Pi, I tried to see what was currently possible with the latest version of the APC kernel..   Sadly, the XBMC player is only available … Continue reading