Android: The Browser/Flash Saga Continues..

I now have my replacement Hudl 7in tablet, and have been trying out the various options for working browsers – with Flash support. On my phone, I found that Chrome worked well, but this tablet always gets the ‘full’ website, … Continue reading

Linux and Android – Not Talking to Each Other?

I had been frustrated for years with the dire support for connecting mobile phones (cellphones..) on Linux.    Bluetooth support to phones was patchy, to say the least, and has been completely re-written for KDE, but still has very limited functionality..    … Continue reading

APC – Surprisingly Pain-free Progress..

My goal is to have a ‘standard’ flavour of Linux (in my case – Fedora) running on the APC, and one of the major pre-requisites was to have the system boot from the micro-SD card, instead of the internal ‘flash … Continue reading