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    • @Konrad, thanks for the link… I have been checking all the ‘opinions’ there, and hopefully someone will actually come up with some practical suggestions, soon.. This is – potentially – a bit of a show-stopper for me, at the moment..

      • Yes, it feels worryingly like an ego spiral rather than a factual discussion. Luckily I use mine in a headless way (mostly), so power draw over USB ports isn’t a big concern for me. I intend to buy another though and use it with USB devices so I’m watching carefully. Perhaps there will be a new hardware revision in the coming weeks?

  1. I got the same problem and didn’t sleep well last night… I was truly convinced that my raspberry was dead, electrically speaking. I have noticed something that still shocks me : when the pi didn’t want to start anymore, his power consumption was dramatically lower than when booting normally! (I do the measurement on the high voltage side of my 220V/5V [550mA… yes I know] converter)
    booting normally : about 2,8W with keyboard and LAN (Voltage = 4,75V…)
    with the problem described above : 0,7 W

    For sure, the microprocessor must be the most consuming device on the board, but does it STOP when not booting properly?

    • If the system doesn’t boot, the CPU will only have done the POST (Power On Self Test) – type activities, and then be idle.. The CPU will be doing a lot more work when the OS is actually running..

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