ARM – CuBox to 3.17-rc2 – 23rd Anniversary Release..

Just updated the CuBox i4-Pro to Kernel 3.17-rc2, which was – deliberately – released on the 23rd anniversary of the initial release of kernel code for ‘Linux’.. More details here: And source here: Fedora release 20 (Heisenbug) Kernel … Continue reading

ARM – CuBox-i4 Pro to Kernel 3.17-rc1..

Just updated the CuBox to kernel 3.17-rc1, but still used the previous ‘combined zImage plus DTB’ method, which works OK.. Kernel source here:  # git clone -b 3.17-rc1 –single-branch Fedora release 20 (Heisenbug) Kernel 3.17.0-rc1 on an armv7l (ttymxc0) … Continue reading

Skype / Linux – When the Fix Becomes the Problem.. (Updated)

I have been running a ‘fixed’ version of Skype on my Linux systems for some time (Fedora 20, x86_64), which included ‘PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC=30’ in a skype script to run the executable (skype-bin).. Recently, I have experienced garbled and ‘sped up’ sound, … Continue reading

Kernel 3.17-rc1 – OK with VMware and NVIDIA..

Just installed Kernel 3.17-rc1, and the latest VMware (10.0.3) and NVIDIA (340.32) drivers compile and load OK…    I had previously had trouble with VMware and NVIDIA’s ‘beta’ driver 343.13, so did not test this version again.. $ uname -a Linux … Continue reading

NVIDIA – New Beta Driver – 343.13 – Breaks VMware..

Updated to the latest NVIDIA ‘beta’ driver – 343.13 – which compiles and installs OK on Kernel 3.16 (from More details can be found here: Just tested this with VMware, and it breaks fullscreen mode, so reverted to … Continue reading

ARM – CuBox i4-Pro and Raspberry Pi to 3.16 Final..

Updated the CuBox i4-Pro and Raspberry Pi to Kernel 3.16 recently, using the kernel source from.. Raspberry Pi: CuBox i4-Pro: Fedora release 20 (Heisenbug) Kernel 3.16.0 on an armv7l (ttymxc0) …………… # uname -a Linux rgcubox 3.16.0 #1 … Continue reading

Kernel 3.16 – Final, No Need for -RC8, After All..

Just installed Kernel 3.16 (Final), and – as expected – the latest VMware (10.0.3) and NVIDIA (340.24) drivers compile, install, and run OK.. More details of changes since -rc7 are here: $ uname -a Linux rglinux-i7 3.16.0 #1 SMP … Continue reading