Linux/ARM – DreamPlug and Pi to 3.13.1..

Just updated the DreamPlug and Raspberry Pi to Kernel 3.13.1.   DreamPlug kernel from, and the Pi from GitHub, as usual.. Fedora release 18 (Spherical Cow) Kernel 3.13.1 on an armv5tel (ttyS0)…………. $ uname -a Linux rgdreamplug 3.13.1 #1 PREEMPT … Continue reading

Kernel 3.13.1 – Better NVIDIA Patch, but Still Problems..

Installed kernel 3.13.1 on my main system, and found a better version of the NVIDIA patch for driver 331.38 here: Video playback – especially on kaffeine – is better, but I am still getting problems with uvcvideo and usb … Continue reading

NVIDIA – New ‘Legacy’ Driver – Still Needs Patch

NVIDIA have just released a new version of their ‘legacy’ 304-series driver – 304.119, but it still needs the usual patch for kernel 3.13.. modprobe: ERROR: could not insert ‘nvidia’: Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg) make[1]: … Continue reading

Kernel 3.13 in Linux VMware Guest – Shared Folders Problem

Setting up a test system for the usb/uvcvideo tests, I have found another kernel 3.13 issue – this time with Linux as a VMware guest.. The shared folders – which work OK with 3.12, do not work with 3.13. Normally … Continue reading

Back to 3.12.8..

After some problems with uvcvideo / usb under 3.13 producing non-working camera and audio, and producing a ‘tombstone’, I have reverted to 3.12.8 for the time being..    More research is needed, and I have set up a 3.13 ‘guest’ under … Continue reading

Pi to 3.13..

Just updated the Raspberry Pi to Kernel 3.13, from github: # git clone -b rpi-3.13.y –single-branch – And.. everything seems to be working OK (with Pidora 19) Pidora release 19 (Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix) Kernel 3.13.0+ on an armv6l … Continue reading

Kernel 3.13 – What’s New?

The Kernel 3.13 mailing list announcement is – as usual – not very detailed, and in any case only shows changes since the last ‘release candidate’ (-rc8): For a much more detailed look at new features, etc., there is … Continue reading

3.13 Final – And a VMware Patch You May Not Need..

Installed 3.13 Final on my test system, and then on my main system, and encountered an odd problem with VMware (10.0.1).. On my test system, VMware had been compiling and installing/running OK on all the 3.13-rc versions, and 3.13 Final, … Continue reading

NVIDIA: New Drivers – Still need Patch for 3.13..

NVIDIA have released driver 319.82, and now 331.38, and they install OK on kernel 3.12, but – unfortunately – still need the patch for kernel 3.13, despite the fact that 3.13 Final is due in about a week from now.. modprobe: … Continue reading

3.13-rc8 – Waiting for 3.13 Final..

3.13-rc8 is out, and 3.13 Final should be out in about a weeks time – or so.. Changes are here: Same comments apply for VMware and NVIDIA drivers on x86_64 as for -rc7, and the DreamPlug (armv5tel) still gives … Continue reading