ARM – Radxa Rock2 – Powerful, but Confused..

Recently took delivery of a Radxa Rock2 ARMv7 system, based on the RX3288 Cortex A17 chipset.. The system comes with a version of Android installed on the onboard eMMC, but I managed – after a bit of work – to … Continue reading

UDEV – Getting an Old Scanner to Behave..

I recently acquired a vintage (2006?) Minolta Elite 5400 II scanner, and – according to the VueScan support info, I needed to ”set up libusb device protections”..   That info included a link to a somewhat ancient SANE USB support page … Continue reading

ARM – Configs for Odroid U3 and CuBox-i4Pro..

I have just posted copies of recent kernel configs for the Odroid U3 and CuBox-i4Pro.. Odroid U3 – Kernel config for 4.4 : CuBox-i4Pro – Kernel config for 4.4.1: These do not include working WiFi, as 2.4GHz is … Continue reading