ARM – Configs for Odroid U3 and CuBox-i4Pro..

I have just posted copies of recent kernel configs for the Odroid U3 and CuBox-i4Pro.. Odroid U3 – Kernel config for 4.4 : CuBox-i4Pro – Kernel config for 4.4.1: These do not include working WiFi, as 2.4GHz is … Continue reading

Kernel – 4.4 Released – OK with Latest NVIDIA and VMware..

Updated to Kernel 4.4 ‘Final’ on the test system, and the latest VMware (12.1.0) and NVIDIA (358.16) compile and run OK..   The ‘beta’ driver 361.16 should be OK, but has multiple userland issues on my systems. – see previous post.).. … Continue reading