Kernel 3.14 is Here..

Just installed Kernel 3.14 on my main system, and (patched) VMware 10.0.1 and (patched) NVIDIA 334.21 install and run OK. Details of changes from -rc8 are here: It is worth repeating the changes for 3.14 relating to VMware modules, … Continue reading

Kernel 3.14-rc8 – ‘Final’ Soon…

Just tested Kernel 3.14-rc8, and the same comments apply as for -rc7..    Vmnet-patched VMware 10.0.1 and nv-linux.h-patched NVIDIA 334.21 all compile and load/run OK..    If all goes well, the next release should be 3.14 final.. # uname -a Linux rglinux … Continue reading

Kernel 3.14-rc7 – Getting Better, Now..

After all the ‘noise’ around recent 3.14-rc releases, things appear to have calmed down with 3.14-rc7.. Details are here: As before, VMware 10.0.1 – with the usual patch – compiles and runs OK, and the latest NVIDIA driver 334.21 … Continue reading

Kernel 3.14-rc6 – ‘Final’ May be Delayed..

Just installed Kernel 3.14-rc6 on the X86_64 test system, and DreamPlug (armv5).. On x86_64, the latest (patched) VMware (10.0.1) and NVIDIA (334.21) drivers compile/install OK.. Details are here: DreamPlug: Fedora release 18 (Spherical Cow) Kernel 3.14.0-rc6 on an armv5tel … Continue reading

Kernel 3.14-rc5 Released.. ARM (armv5) and x86_64 updated

Updated the test (x86_64) system and the DreamPlug (armv5) to kernel 3.14-rc5, and the same comments apply as for 3.14-rc4.. Fedora release 18 (Spherical Cow) Kernel 3.14.0-rc5 on an armv5tel (ttyS0) ……….. # uname -a Linux rgdreamplug 3.14.0-rc5 #1 … Continue reading

ARM – Odroid U3 to 3.14-rc3, but USB Fail..

After a lot of ‘hacking’, I managed to get the Odroid U3 to boot with Kernel 3.14-rc3, from , but there were persistent issues with USB, which refused to recognise any devices connected (apart from the USB memory stick … Continue reading