Kernel 3.14 is Here..

Just installed Kernel 3.14 on my main system, and (patched) VMware 10.0.1 and (patched) NVIDIA 334.21 install and run OK.

Details of changes from -rc8 are here:

It is worth repeating the changes for 3.14 relating to VMware modules, from my original article on -rc1:

VMware compile will fail with the VMware versions of vmci and vsock, but this can be fixed by selecting the versions of these modules, from the standard 3.14 source tree.   The vmci module can be found under ‘Misc devices‘, and the resulting module will be called vmw_vmci.ko, to distinguish it from the VMware version (vmci.ko)..   You will also need to select/install the version of vsock, which can be found under ‘Networking options / Virtual Socket protocol‘  (The ‘VMware VMCI transport for Virtual Sockets’ is only for Linux guests).   Confusingly, the resulting module is called vsock.ko – the same as the VMware one..   You have to select both these versions of the modules, as the VMware version of vsock will fail to compile with the version of vmci..

As mentioned previously, the latest NVIDIA driver – 334.21 – will need the patch for nv-linux.h applied, to compile with Kernel 3.14..

Robert Gadsdon.   March 31, 2014.


Kernel 3.14 is Here.. — 4 Comments

  1. Can You post step-by-step how to install Kernel 3.14 with Nvidia 334.21 drivers ?

    I just can’t work this one out…

    (Linux Mint 16 Here…)

  2. Robert, thanks so much for your blog. Whenever the kernel is updated, I come to you in order to get nvidia and vmware workstation to compile.

    I am having a problem with your vmware suggestion, however. I select the modules that you specify, but vmware workstation will not compile under kernel 3.14. it is a vmci error. How do I specify that vmware is to use the modules?

    • I did give the details of this on my article on 3.14 ‘final’

      If you have the ‘kernel’ versions of the VMware modules compiled in, and have booted into that kernel, the vmware installer should just install any remaining non-kernel modules…


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