ARM: Pi to Kernel 3.14..

Just updated the Raspberry Pi to Kernel 3.14, from github: # git clone -b rpi-3.14.y –single-branch Pidora release 2014 (Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix) Kernel 3.14.0+ on an armv6l (ttyAMA0) …………. # uname -a Linux rgpi 3.14.0+ #1 PREEMPT Wed … Continue reading

Kernel 3.14 is Here..

Just installed Kernel 3.14 on my main system, and (patched) VMware 10.0.1 and (patched) NVIDIA 334.21 install and run OK. Details of changes from -rc8 are here: It is worth repeating the changes for 3.14 relating to VMware modules, … Continue reading