Kernel 3.14-rc6 – ‘Final’ May be Delayed.. — 3 Comments

  1. Do the Nvidia drivers now work, as apart from compiling? As far as I understand it action has to be taken either in the kernel or in the nvidia drivers, but neither have been forthcoming.

    • The latest driver – 334.21 – works fine with kernel 3.13, and I’m using that now, with 3.13.6.

      The driver compiles/loads – with the nv-linux.h patch – with 3.14-rc.. I had tested this (briefly) on my main system, with 3.14-rc3, and it ran OK, as well as compiling/loading..

      The current 3.14-rc kernels seem to be a bit of a moving target, at the moment, with many changes/reversions still being made, and I wouldn’t recommend using them on a live system, yet..


  2. Perhaps we are talking rather at cross-purposes here. In a previous post you talked about 334.21 still needing the ‘3.13 patch’ – is this not the case with 3.14rc6? So my question is: with a clean 3.14rc6 and and clean 334.21 will the module work without filling up the log with error messages? Don’t forget users were reporting ‘it worked for a while and stopped’ – in my case a rather puzzled df showed 100%. So either nvidia had to stop calling ‘that’ acpi call, or linus had to put it back.

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