ARM – Odroid U3 to 3.14-rc3, but USB Fail.. — 4 Comments

    • I don’t have an emmc board on my Odroid U3, and don’t have any experience with this particular boot image, but I have been running Fedora (from one of the standard Fedora images) on mine – with Micro-SD boot – for some time.. I recompiled the stock Hardkernel 3.8.13.xx kernel from source, after stripping out all the Ubuntu-proprietary bits (and removing ubuntu references in the Makefile and a couple of Kconfig files as well)..
      There would seem to be some more info on this here: but you have to register to see the details.. I assume you have already searched through the odroid forum..


        • I don’t have any custom images, but when I first got my Odroid, I just installed a standard FC20 image, and then copied the zImage kernel, boot/uboot, and lib/modules files across from a Hardkernel 3.8.13.xx (Ubuntu) image, and it worked fine.


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