Fedora – F28 Annoyances, and Workarounds..

Running Fedora 28 on the test system, I have encountered the following issues with various applications, and found substitute rpm workarounds..  Usually, these can be installed by downloading them ,and then using # rpm -Uvh……… –force.. Grub-customizer still crashes, but … Continue reading

VMware – Not Working with Fedora 26 – GCC 7, and Workarounds..

UPDATE:  The vmware runtime fix shown here has not worked since version 12.5.6, and the solution is in a later article:  http://rglinuxtech.com/?p=1992 I have recently updated one crash-and-burn system to Fedora 26 (alpha/testing) and have encountered two problems with VMware and … Continue reading

3.8-rc2 – NVIDIA and VMware…

Just compiled 3.8-rc2 on my test system, and the situation regarding NVIDIA and VMware is similar to -rc1.. For NVIDIA, the two ‘latest’ driver versions – 310.19 and 313.09 – fail to compile, but the earlier version – 310.14 – … Continue reading

Kernel 3.7-rc2 – Same fixes as for 3.7-rc1..

Just updated my test system to 3.7-rc2, and the same patches and ‘workarounds’ are needed for NVIDIA (driver 310.14) and VMware (9.0 with 3.5 patch) as mentioned in my earlier post, for -rc1.. # uname -a Linux rg6830l 3.7.0-rc2 #1 … Continue reading