Fedora – F28 Annoyances, and Workarounds..

Running Fedora 28 on the test system, I have encountered the following issues with various applications, and found substitute rpm workarounds..  Usually, these can be installed by downloading them ,and then using # rpm -Uvh......... --force..

Grub-customizer still crashes, but the F27 version works ( grub-customizer-5.0.6-6.fc27.x86_64 )

Wine crashes with some windows apps, and the workaround is – again – to download/install the F27 versions of all wine rpms – I am currently using wine-3.9-1.fc27.

HandBrake (from rpmfusion) fails with pixellated images in some cases, and ‘hang’s in others, but the sourceforge F28 versions work correctly ( currently handbrake-cli-1.1.0-2.gitb463d33.fc28.x86_64 and handbrake-gui-1.1.0-2.gitb463d33.fc28.x86_64 )      I had tried installing the F27 version, but this involved several ‘required library version’ mismatches and conflicts…

As I mentioned in a previous article, even (re)creating from source does not work, including compiling from the original source tree..   It would appear that there are still issues with GCC 8, included with this Fedora release…

Hopefully all this will soon be fixed…

Robert Gadsdon.  June 1, 2018.

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