Pidora – 19 Alpha – Revived? — 2 Comments

  1. I am a Pidora entusiast, and make rpms for Ham radio in arm6vhl.

    The aplha was dissapointing so far in that;

    1. first boot RESIZE did not work

    Missing requires in packages and incomplete repository support.

    No ftdi kernel support and generally a bad kernel.

    I gave up and will wait for beta…..: fingers crossed.

    Adrian … vk4tux

    • I was going to give up on Pidora 19 ‘Alpha’, but the repo server came back online after a while, and – so far – has remained available..
      My install (on SD Card) was not too bad, but I run my root on an external USB stick, as the SD Card connection is just too flimsy.. I moved the root filesystem to USB after the install had run, so did not worry about the ‘resize’. The initial Pidora 3.11 kernel did boot OK, but their recent updated 3.12 kernel didn’t (kernel panic). I always compile my own kernels, so I got 3.12 (compiled) working OK, except for a puzzling ‘tombstone’ just after the console session was initiated.. Apart from this, everything seems to be working.. There are still old F18 versions and inconsistencies in the repo, and I hope we do not have to wait too long for the ‘Beta’..


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