Compile HandBrake on Linux, the Easy Way – and Fedora RPMs..

Handbrake is a very useful video conversion tool, and it runs on Linux as well!

The latest released version (as of July 2013) is 0.9.9, and can be found here:

The compile is somewhat non-standard, and is definitely a good candidate for RTFM…!

If you try to do it the ‘usual’ way, you will probably get errors from out-of-date versions of various downloaded components (including a GTK error ”…HandBrake-0.9.9/build/../gtk/configure: line 1934: syntax error near unexpected token `1.7.9′ ” )

You will need to check the info on the wiki, for the required libraries, and dependencies, etc:

To get a compiled version for Fedora (in my case) I used the following (found on the irc log)

Don’t use the standard ‘create ./build, then # compile..’ etc but (for Fedora) do:

…HandBrake-0.9.9]$ ./configure –prefix=/usr –launch –launch-jobs=0 ; open build/

This will create the ./build directory, and then patch and compile, compatible with latest distro versions..

Then (as root)
]$ cd ./build
]$ make install

This will result in HandBrakeCLI (the command line version) and ghb (the GTK version) in /usr/bin..

After all that effort, ghb segfaulted as soon as a video clip started loading…    I did find a HandBrake 0.9.9 Fedora source RPM, and produced a Fedora 19 version from that, but that too segfaulted on loading.    I then tried a Fedora 18 rpm version of 0.9.9, and that seems to be working OK, with Fedora 19..

The RPMs can be found here:

Robert Gadsdon.    July 07, 2013.

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