Tried 3.10 – Back to 3.9.9, for the Time Being..

I had tried running kernel 3.10, but encountered several problems..   The KDE desktop would ‘hang’, and the wifi connections (rt2800, using NetworkManager) refused to connect, most of the time, and kmix (sound mixer app) wouldn’t run..

I had tried all the ‘patched’ NVIDIA drivers, and found that the ‘old’ 310.51 driver compiled OK, but didn’t work correctly – giving a ‘black’ screen on the KDE/plasma desktop..   The 319.32 and 325.08 drivers worked, but the problems above prevented me from testing them thoroughly..

VMware, with the vmnet and vmblock patches, appeared to work OK..

So…  I have reverted to 3.9.9..        Hopefully 3.10.1 will be released soon..!

Robert Gadsdon.  July 07, 2013.

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