VMware – 14.1.3 Released – OK with Kernel 4.18..

VMware 14.1.3 has been released, and details (not very informative..) are here:  https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Workstation-Pro/14/rn/workstation-1413-release-notes.html

Although it is not mentioned, this version does work OK with Kernel 4.18 without any patches (tested with 4.18.3)

Robert Gadsdon.   August 19, 2018


VMware – 14.1.3 Released – OK with Kernel 4.18.. — 3 Comments

  1. Actually, even 14.1.2 would work on 4.18 without the poll patch after all. The change which caused null pointer dereference in vmmon since 4.18-rc1 was reverted in 4.18-rc3. The only differences in host kernel module between 14.1.2 and 14.1.3 seem to be related to L1TF security vulnerability.

  2. Yesterday my SuSE Leap 42.3 was updated to kernel 4.18.7 and since then my VMWare installation 14.1.3 does not run. It fails during the build of the vmware modules.

    • Using the kernel.org 4.18.7 (and 4.18.8) VMware compiles OK on my system.. The only problem with the 4.18 tree was back in 4.18-rc1 [switch from ->poll() to ->poll_mask()], but this change was reverted in 4.18-rc3, and should not be in any subsequent versions..

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