Kernel – 4.18 Finally Released – OK with latest NVIDIA, and Patched VMware

Kernel 4.18 has finally arrived, and details of changes since -rc8 are here:

As expected, after changes in -rc7, the latest NVIDIA and (patched) VMware all compile/load OK..    Tested with VMware 14.1.2 with the vmmon patch, and NVIDIA 390.77 and 396.51.

Coincidentally, I can also confirm that 4.18 boots OK on HP PA-RISC (HP9000/785-C3700) – but more on that, in a later article..

# uname -a
Linux rgparisc 4.18.0 #1 Sun Aug 12 15:06:04 PDT 2018 parisc64 GNU/Linux

Robert Gadsdon.   August 12, 2018.

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