VMware – 12.5.6 Breaks Fedora 26 / GCC 7 Workaround..

I had been testing VMware 12.5.6 – unsuccessfully – with Kernel 4.12-rc2, but on reverting to Kernel 4.11.3, I found that the vmware runtime workaround for Fedora 26 / GCC 7 ( see http://rglinuxtech.com/?p=1939 ) no longer worked, and produced the same result as before the modifications – no execution, and a return to the command prompt..

After further testing, I found that the only solution was to revert to VMware 12.5.5 – with the 4.11 vmmon/vmnet patches.    The workaround was successful, again..

Fedora 26 is due to be released in about six weeks time (but may slip..) and hopefully this workaround will be unnecessary, by then..

Robert Gadsdon.   May 26, 2017.

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