VMware – 12.5.6 Released – OK with Kernel 4.11, Still Not with 4.12, Breaks F26 Workaround.. — 3 Comments

    • I double-checked the version of my download, against the version currently available, and it is the same (12.5.6-5528349), and the file size is identical..
      The vmmon compile still fails with 4.12-rc2.
      Do you have a Distro-supplied version of 4.12, rather than the version?

  1. I got linux-4.12-rc2.tar.gz, and compiled.
    THen, I did;

    $ ls -ld /dev /dev/vmmon

    I got the response;

    … /dev
    … /dev/vmmon

    Then, I executed;

    $ vmware

    It starts, but I tried to run WIndows 7, it crashes.

    That’s all.


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