NVIDIA – New Driver With 4.11 Workaround, Not a Fix… — 5 Comments

  1. it’s –no-drm . pls fix your valuable article or other surfers would have an headache figuring out how to properly install the driver.

    also, in my case – ubuntu 4.11 mainline – i had do disable DKMS, whereas installation normally works with DKMS. YMMV 🙂

    • Typed correctly, but the WordPress formatting messes it up.. Thanks for spotting this – I have changed the font to ‘correctly’ show it..

  2. 381.22 was just released and it actually works without patches with current linux 4.12 staging tree including patches that broke patched the old driver just few days ago. I wish we could expect nvidia to keep this up, but I have a feeling this is a one-off rather than a rule.

  3. Sadly but 381.22 just hang my system with 4.11, and on Gentoo, there is no 4.12 yet, and exclusion of nvidia-drm is no option with optimus…

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