ARM – Odroid to 4.0-rc5 – Eventually.. — 5 Comments

  1. Robert is your policy to continue ignoring my questions in this thread regarding fedora 21 on the ODROID U3.
    Please just let me know, as you have ignored me several times now, and I will cease my interest in your work ?

    Adrian Fewster

    • You posted a question on March 3 and I responded on the same day. You posted another request on March 19, and I replied on March 20.


  2. Robert, ok thankyou. I did not receive email on same, so not sure where to find those replies.
    I have updated the wordpress to do that. If you have a url for the replies, that would be
    appreciated please, and sorry I have misinterpreted the situation.


    Adrian Fewster

  3. @Robert: Just because the top commit stays the same, the repo still can change. I rebase and squash commits a lot, which git fetch should also show you.

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