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  1. Both the Pidora 19 and 20 repos appear to be getting populated now.

    Dealing with an opaque development process when you’re used to an open development process can be annoying, but it doesn’t mean that development has stalled. Android is a good example of this; we get nothing until Google dumps a release for public consumption. It’d be nice if everyone followed the Fedora / Red Hat / Debian way, but there’s no requirement for them to do so.

    I was considering trying a Pidora 18 to Pidora 20 yum upgrade (the way I do our x86/x86_64 systems) on a virtual machine. If that goes well, I’ll do my Raspberry Pi (which currently has a ‘production’ roll).

    • Well.. I’ve been using Red Hat / Fedora since 1997, and I would love to see an up-to-date Fedora on the Pi… Unfortunately the updates for Pidora 19 (which I’ve been running since the ‘alpha’ release) have been almost non-existent, and the wiki still refers to Pidora 18, and hasn’t been updated for some considerable time…

      I have tried using yum to upgrade to Pidora 20, but – so far – nothing happens.. I have actually been reduced to ‘rpmbuild –rebuild’ing some packages, just to get compatible versions, or for apps that hadn’t been ‘ported’ yet..

      I had better luck with my armv7 Odriod, and used yum to update that from Fedora 19 to Fedora 20 with no problems.. None of this would be a issue, if only there were an armv7 version of the Pi, some time in the future..!


  2. I was successfully able to “yum –nogpgcheck –exclude=raspberrypi-kernel distro-sync” to Pidora 19 last night after manually installing the release file:

    It ran for about 18 hours):

    # cat /etc/pidora-release
    Pidora release 19 (Raspberry Pi
    Fedora Remix)

    Five packages (at, cronie, rng-tools, rtkit, usbmuxd) failed to remove the old versions, as indicated by “package-cleanup –dupes” and had to be manually removed with:

    rpm -e –noscripts rng-tools-4-2.fc18.1302271711kf.armv6hl usbmuxd-1.0.8-5.fc18.1302271922kf.armv6hl cronie-1.4.10-1.fc18.armv6hl at-3.1.13-10.fc18.1302272309kf.armv6hl rtkit-0.11-3.fc18.armv6hl

    The rpm database version also changed, so a manual cleanup was needed via:

    rm -f /var/lib/rpm/__db*

    Everything seems to be working fine. I’ll take a backup, then try to upgrade to Pidora 20.

  3. I updated to the latest Pidora 20 release file from koji:

    yum update

    Started an upgrade to Pidora 20 (now called Pidora 2014). I exclude the kernel because I use the 3.13.3 upstream RPI kernel:

    yum –nogpgcheck –exclude=raspberrypi-kernel distro-sync

    Transaction Summary
    Install 3 Packages (+36 Dependent packages)
    Upgrade 779 Packages
    Downgrade 37 Packages

    Total download size: 376 M
    Is this ok [y/d/N]:

    Running now!

    • Many thanks for the info… Shame that this isn’t publicised more… Maybe they will finally update the Wiki entry!

      I’m running the distro-sync etc. now..


  4. Robert, If you know of an online procedure to install FC21 on the ODROID U3 and /or XU3 ( I have both),it would be very much appreciated , if you are aware of any sites proving advice please ?


    Adrian … vk4tux

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