DreamPlug to 3.12.2 – Still Needs Patch… 3.13-rc Compile Fail.. — 6 Comments

    • Yes, that was the only specific reference I could find, as well.. I’ll probably post the problem to the ARM kernel mailing list soon..


    • Thanks for the link… I had searched the group for this, and not found it… maybe the search function is broken? I have already posted a separate message detailing the breakage, but no response – so far..
      I’ll try some of the suggested patches, and maybe point out that this is needed for DreamPlug support!

      If I set CONFIG_ARM_PATCH_PHYS_VIRT=y the compile works, but the resulting kernel won’t boot on my DreamPlug..


  1. I’m wary of posting directly to that thread but it might be the best option. I have a feeling the days of the Dreamplug are coming to an end.

    Sidenote: With 3.12.3 from Xilka I get
    >mvsdio f1090000.mvsdio: unhandled interrupt status=0x0810 en=0x0000 pio=0 ] and a hang – have you ever seen anything like that?

    • I get the same mvsdio error repeated several times during boot, but the system comes up OK, and the error does not seem to repeat, after that..

      I applied the Russell King patch, and now have 3.13-rc3 running..


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