NVIDIA – Epic Fail? — 4 Comments

  1. thanks for mentioning. i suggest install nvidia 325(no drm patch needed), its very stable, 331 series, its unstable over 3d desktop/flash. freeze xorg on every hour if we use intensive desktop whit effect on (kde 4.11) i fail compile 331.17, no drm patch, fail to build, whit drm fail to patch(diff dont match)!i use 3.12rc5,probabily the compile success,is kernel related,rc6 🙂 i test this this weekend 🙂

  2. Build fail,is relative as unified memory… For build this on 3.12rc i set –no-unified-memory (dont support for now by hardware)… Yes,drm is fixed… Performance is excellent,but,same freezes of 331.13 (kde 4.11.2/xorg 1.13)

  3. Could you please provide a link to the “original” 3.11 patch Robert Gadsdon? I’ve tried a few, but they’ve failed; so I’m wondering which version of the 3.11 patch you are using…

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