3.11.2 – Better now?

I had been experiencing occasional problems with X and KDE with the previous 3.11 kernel versions, and had reverted to 3.10.12, but have just updated to 3.11.2, and it seems to be better – so far….

VMware 10 compiles and runs OK, and NVIDIA 319.49 – with the 3.11 patch – works OK.    I have seen reports of instability with Win7 guest OS’s with VMware 10, but have not experienced any problems myself.

For some reason, NVIDIA now seem to be very slow to update their Linux drivers, and there is still no version that compiles on 3.11 without a patch..    Frustratingly, I did find that one of the older ‘legacy’ drivers has been updated, and compiles on 3.11 and even on 3.12-rc kernels!    Unfortunately, this version – 173.14.38 – doesn’t work with recent GPUs..

There is a patch – of sorts – for the current NVIDIA driver, for 3.12-rc, but it is a very nasty hack, and involves the illegal changing of the licence for the NVIDIA code, which is absolutely not an acceptable solution!

Robert Gadsdon.  September 27, 2013.


3.11.2 – Better now? — 2 Comments

  1. Great work Robert

    I would like to try the 3.11.2 kernel in my raspberry, it is posible for you to generate an img of your SD in order that others can try it?

    Best Regards

    • I am not hosting binaries, or complete disk images, at present. I may be able to do more in the future, but that will be on a new website, and probably in 2014..


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