Pi to 3.7.6 – Incrementally.. — 5 Comments

  1. Could you please give your readers a download link to the patched source code for this kernel 3.7.6 ?

    You’re much efficient than me for kernel compilation.

    I would like to assess the features with this kernel. Thanks in advance 😉

  2. RG, Notice as i just tryed it now :

    3.7.6 adds support for :

    SDHCI support on BCM2708 (MMC_SDHCI_BCM2708) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) y
    DMA support on BCM2708 Arasan controller (MMC_SDHCI_BCM2708_DMA) [N/y/?] (NEW) y

    witch may seems add stable support for BIG SD cards with relaible speed.
    try it 🙂 .

    again thanks for post your 3.7.5 that saved me 1-2 week works compile an max module kernel .. with working BCM2708 settings.

    as far as i have mine .config ready ill post that on my pastebin.

    regards, Horst

    • Hallo Horst,

      Thanks for spotting the SDHCI support added. I hadn’t had a chance to read the changelog, yet.. I had been checking out the Pi support bits added to the mainline 3.8 kernels, but nothing useable is there yet..

      Best regards,


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