SmartDeblur, on Linux!

SmartDeblur has received some exposure in the mainstream press recently, and as I do a lot of digital restoration of old slides and negatives, I wanted to get it to run on Linux, as well.   Should be no problem, as the app is written in QT4..

So..  Download the source from GitHub:

Then unpack the tarfile, go to the ../src directory, and run # qtmake-qt4 (or the equivalent on your flavour of Linux..).   then just run # make.   The compilation will show if you have anything missing…   You will need the FFTW (Fast Fourier Transform..) development package, amongst others..

If all goes well, you should end up with a SmartDeblur executable in the src directory, and then just copy this to your /usr/bin (or equivalent)..

SmartDeblur on Linux (KDE, Fedora17)

SmartDeblur on Linux (KDE, Fedora17)

The results are impressive, but – so far – more useful for ‘forensic’ use, rather than ‘enhancement’…   Still, I need to do more testing, with more combinations of parameters…


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